Conscious Collection by H&M

Is the ‘Conscious Collection’ by H&M conscious, or is it misleading? As the biggest retail fashion brand in the world, H&M needs to show the way for the future and to take leadership. H&M’s original vision was to sell affordable fashion in new and different ways, and for the past few years, it seems that the management is going back to its old roots. By launching the recycled ‘Conscious Collection’, H&M wants their customers to look good on the outside, and to feel good on the inside. The idea and concept is great, but the above question remains the same: … Continue reading Conscious Collection by H&M

The Future of the Hindu Kush Mountain Transportation

(Image: Wikipedia) In general, the public sectors primary goal is to seek to provide services for citizens and companies; in addition to dealing with laws and regulations. There is no profit motivation within the public sector, however; financial control has always been a key element. The prime motivation for private sectors has always been profit maximization. Private sectors have no interest in taking ownership of the greater public interest. In several countries where infrastructure is divided between multiple private entities, experience shows that we see suboptimal public solutions with an increase in prices. The Salang tunnel is outdated and in … Continue reading The Future of the Hindu Kush Mountain Transportation

Doing the Right Thing, When No One is Watching

Have you ever heard about Tata? Tata is an Indian based company; consisting of 29 publicly listed enterprises, spanning over a hundred countries, across six continents. Their mission is, “To improve the quality of life of the communities we serve globally, through long term stake holder value creation based on Leadership with trust.” In 2015, the Tata revenue was 103 billion US dollars, and they employ over 660 thousand people. 66 percent of the shared capital is held by philanthropic trusts, which support: education, health, livelihood generation, art, and culture. Tata is ranked as India’s most respected country, year after year. … Continue reading Doing the Right Thing, When No One is Watching

From Local to Global

Can a man really think like a woman?  This was Erling Persson’s goal whilst on his roadtrip around America, in the year 1946. Persson had a vision of selling high quality ladies wear at an affordable price. One year later, he opened his first store, branded ‘Hennes’ in Västerås, Sweden. The concept was an instant hit with the costumers, and he started making profit. A few years past, and he managed to open stores across Sweden. Of the profit he made, he acquired a hunting apparel and fishing equipment store, called Mauritz Widforss in 1968. Simultaneously, Hennes went from being a women’s … Continue reading From Local to Global